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Dr.  Mazen Tinawi, D.D.S.
Dental Implants


Dr. Mazen Tinawi has been extensively trained in all types of implants and has over 18 years of experience placing dental implants.

One of his highest priorities is to ensure you completely understand what dental implants are and all of your treatment options before proceeding. You can be assured he will take the time to answer all of your questions.
A natural tooth is anchored into the jawbone by its tooth root. Tooth
roots attach firmly to the jawbone and keep your teeth stable when
chewing solid foods.

Traditionally, if you were missing a tooth or if one needed to be
extracted, the healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth would
be cut down and the whole thing replaced with a three-crown “bridge”.

Dental implants are the modern natural alternative. Instead of
cutting down two perfectly healthy teeth, the practitioner inserts a denatal post (dental implant) into the jawbone to replace your missing tooth root. This post becomes solidly fixed into your jaw (somewhat like a natural tooth root). Your general dentist then places a crown onto this artificial tooth root that looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth. Quite simply, dental implants are the most natural replacement for missing teeth.

Traditionally, several missing teeth would have been replaced with a removable partial
or full denture.

Dentures have to be taken out and soaked at night. During the day, they can also
look unnatural and rub painfully. Dentures and partials make it difficult or impossible
to eat certain foods.

Dental implants can now be used to anchor partial and full dentures. This prevents
the slipping, irritation, and pain associated with “floating” partials and dentures. It
also prevents the tedious removal of dentures for overnight soaking and cleaning. Dental
implants also eliminate the need for dental adhesives.This allows you to enjoy eating
the foods you previously avoided . With dental implants, your partials or dentures are firmly anchored to the jawbone, causing them to feel much more like natural teeth.
Natural tooth roots and dental implant posts are fixed firmly in your jawbone. When you chew, these tooth roots and posts stimulate the jawbone and prevent it from shrinking. You may have seen a person who looked prematurely old because their jawbone had shrunk after wearing floating dentures. Dental implants help preserve your jawbone and appearance.